Contract Description

Client: City of Huntsville Federal Building Authority

Location: Redstone Arsenal, AL

Contract Value: $6,314,725

CCI Company

CCI Group, LLC

CCI-G executed a multi-discipline construction project to relocate and expand commercial Gate 9 complex on Rideout Road, which is Redstone’s busiest gate, through which 40% of the post’s 40,000 contractors pass daily. The mission-critical project was divided into five phases and involved widening the roadway through the addition of five lines, providing traffic control, installing utilities, and building a new turnaround loop. Phases one and two included the civil engineering aspects with the road work through the addition of five lanes, utilities, and the Goss Road return; phase three was construction of the new gate structure; phase four included the moving of the security barrier (fencing) and an extension of Overlook Road; and phase five was the removal of the old gate structure.