CCI companies represent a collaboration of Alaska Native-owned companies headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. CCI companies offer capabilities throughout the United States with offices in Alaska, Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Texas, and Maine.


Each CCI company offers a high level of expertise, outstanding past performance and various contracting relationships. CCI companies offer core focus in three areas: Construction, Energy, and Professional Services.

Core Focus:

•  JOC / SABER / MACC / IDIQ construction management

•  Select Design / Build or Bid / Build construction

•  Utility energy conservation projects

•  Professional services (DPW support, energy engineering, etc)

Construction Management. One of CCI’s core competencies is design / build and bid / build construction management. Our construction work focuses on Job Order Contracts (JOCs), Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABERs), and multi-disciplined IDIQs. We also target stand-alone design / build or bid / build construction projects in the $1M to $30M range.

Energy Services. CCI Group, LLC is on the DOE list of Qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Through CCI Energy and Construction Services, LLC and CCI Group, LLC, we offer a full range of energy services and turn-key energy conservation solutions. These include developing, designing, bidding and installing energy conservation measures and demand side management (ECM/DSM) services, water conservation measures, and other cost effective conservation measures which reduce full life cycle cost at various customer facilities. We self-perform initial and detailed auditing services, energy engineering, management of energy project execution, commissioning, training, energy project performance verification, DDC design, and QC and safety management on our energy services projects.

Professional Services. CCI provides technical staff to augment Federal Government agency divisions at the installation and regional level.  We provide engineers, designers, environmental professionals, Quality Assurance representatives, and other technical professionals to supplement the Government’s own resources on a short-term and long-term basis, depending on the need.